Q? What is LJ Oil Painting?

A: LJ Oil Painting was founded in Singapore in 2006, is an online art store selling 100% hand made oil paintings. We established this website with the aim of selling quality paintings made affordable and accessible to everyone.


Q? Why are the prices so low?

A: We have low overheads and sell direct to customers, and in order to pass more savings onto customers, we do not rent expensive shop. If you want 100% beautiful handmade oil paintings that you appreciate, why pay more?


Q? Does oil painting framed?

A: By default, all oil paintings will be stretched on 100% dried wooden bars, consider as light and ready to hang. Couple of 3M hooks will be good enough to support.

Stretch framing service will be free for any purchase more than S$300. S$30 will be applied with any purchase less than S$300.


Q? How do I order online?

A: 1 minute register to create your username and password. Go to Online Store and choose from our quality art selection. Call us when ever have any question.


Q? What sizes are available?

A: The popular sizes are 50cm x 60cm, 60cm x 90cm.  However, our group paintings have specific sizes listed. You can also request quote for other sizes including custom sizes.  Please contact us for pricing.


Q? What form of payment do you accept?

A: We accept payments via PayPal or Internet banking transfer..

    PayPal acts like a digital wallet where you can securely store all your payment options, such as back account and credit card - without sharing your info with merchants and sellers.  PayPal is a faster, easier, safer way to make and accept payments online.


Q? Is it secured to buy from your online store?

A: Yes, definitely. If you are paying by PayPal, then PayPal has security and buyer protection. 


Q? How much will it cost to deliver my order?

A: FREE DELIVERY Singapore-wide with any purchase more than S$300. S$30 will be applied with any purchase less than S$300.


Q? How long will it take to receive my painting which is not in stock?

A: Depending on size and quantity selected, allow 15-30 business days to paint and deliver your order.


Q? Can I track my delivery?

A: Once we receive your payment, we will send you email confirmation with delivery details. You can check your delivery with the tracking number and website link provided in the email.


Q? What are giclée prints vs. oil paintings?

A: Giclee prints are paintings produced using digital printing. LJ only supplies 100% hand painted oil paintings. They are beautifully painted entirely and exclusively by hand.


Q? Do the paintings look exactly like the pictures on this website?

A: All artworks from LJ oil painting are 100% hand painted. Each painting is unique. 5-15% of differences will appear from one canvas to another.According to lots of customers' comments, real paintings are much more beautiful than the pictures on website, because of the hierarchical nature of hand made oil paintings.


Q? What is the best way to contact Art Paint King?

A: You can contact us via email: art-sg.com@hotmail.com, or call Mr. Stephen : 65-98461176.